Terms & Conditions

  1. Order placement:

    1. Preferred (Fax): Please, order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via fax at (506) 576-9772.
    2. Accepted (Telephone): Phone orders can be placed at (506) 576-9769 between 8am and 5pm Monday through Thursday and Friday from 8am to 4:30pm. For your assurance, as well as ours, please ensure that order is carefully repeated.
    3. Orders can also be placed with email futurdor@rogers.com
      Note: If possible: please indicate whether order will be stained or natural.
      Verify twice, and place order once.
  2. Changes to Orders:

    1. Changes to orders can only be accepted, providing that order has not begun its production cycle. Should changes be required after order is in production, it will be handled as a new order, and placed in sequence.
  3. Payment method:

    1. Initial orders must be paid prior to delivery.
    2. Credit accounts can be opened, pending our approval.
    3. Only cash, check, money orders, or Visa is accepted for payment.
  4. Shipping:

    1. Using our preferred transport providers, all orders under $750.00 Can.,
      before taxes, are subject to minimal freight charges.
    2. Customers are free to choose other carriers, at their cost.
  5. Delivery:

    1. We take pride in building your custom cabinet door orders within 6 working days, from the day after order is placed. However, due to circumstances, sometimes, beyond our control, orders will leave our premises as quickly as possible and in priority sequence.
  6. Replacements:

    1. Replacements shall be produced and shipped as quickly as possible.
  7. Return policy:

    1. Future Doors must authorize all returns.
    2. All Shipping damages, concealed or apparent must be reported “immediately”.
      As well, pertinent information must be recorded on the shipping waybill, including all reference numbers, dates, waybill #’s, etc..
    3. If required, returns shall be shipped to Future Doors, using our preferred carrier.
  8. Quality

    1. In instances where stain finishes are applied to doors, a minimal amount of preparation work may be required prior to applying finish. In order for Future Doors Ltd. to fully warranty our door products. All door finishes must be applied with a spray finish. Brushed on finishes cannot be warranted against warpage, or cracking.
  9. Size Limitations/Center Rail Additions:

    1. Doors that are 24 inches and wider or 48 inches and taller shall have a vertical or a horizontal center rail installed unless otherwise specified by the customer. Doors can be ordered with no center, but will void warrantee.
    2. In order for us to be able to shape and sand our doors and gable ends, one dimension either width or the height can only have a maximum dimension of 50 inches. Larger dimension product can still be manufactured but will not be sanded or shaped.
  10. Warrantee:

    1. Our product only is warranted for one year from invoice date, additional work performed by original buyer, or end user is not covered under this warranty. This also includes labor, travelling or installation charges, incurred by customers.
  11. Sample Order Form:

    1. For our customers convenience, attached is a sample order form, to be used as a guide when ordering.

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