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Limited Warranty

Future Doors guarantee our doors will be free from defect in materials and workmanship under normal use in residential applications for a period of one (1) year from the time of purchase. Warranty for business, commercial, institutional and other non-residential applications will be reviewed on an individual basis to determine a level of coverage.


All goods must be inspected upon receipt. Freight damage is the receiver’s responsibility to report and must be noted on the carrier’s bill of lading. Warranty claims for damaged goods must be made within five (5) days of receipt of item.

Nature is an infinite force so it’s important to understand its impact on the materials we surround ourselves with. It’s no longer just the wood species itself to consider. The region of a particular species is harvested will affect its color, tone and pattern. Climate, sunlight, rainfall and the minerals in the soil will add unique character to the material.  No two trees are alike. In fact, color, grain and pattern can vary throughout a single tree. Even the time of year a tree is harvested, how long it sits before processing and the drying method can have a dramatic affect. Characteristics found in wood such as heavy grain, burls, pin knots, mineral streaks, gum pockets and all other naturally occurring accents are not considered defects if they fall within Future Doors Specifications.

Damage from normal wear and tear, misuse, abuse, negligence, improper storage, handling, cleaning, improper finish, excessive heat, water penetration or force majeure, are the responsibility of the purchaser and not covered under this warranty policy.

Improper installation or modifications to the product itself will void this warranty policy.

Doors, especially with solid wood panels will continue to expand and contract throughout seasonal changes. Due to wood’s inherent properties, hairline cracks at door joints and movement of wood panels are not eligible for warranty. These will be most noticeable when a painted finish is applied to the doors.

Warping may occur due to a number of variables.  External factors such as changes in humidity, temperature and finish can affect the stability of the door. Wood species, door width and height and even solid or plywood center panels can affect the degree of warping.

  • A tolerance of 1/8” in door warping (corner to corner) will be considered to be acceptable for doors up to 24” wide and 42” high and will not be grounds for replacement.
  • A tolerance of 3/16” in door warping will be considered to be acceptable for doors 24” wide, over 42” and up to 62” high.
  • No coverage is given for doors over 24” in width and over 62” in height.

This policy will not cover warping, cracking or shrinking of doors resulting from inappropriate humidity levels (Relative Humidity of 40% – 50% should be maintained throughout the year).

Warranty Procedure

Warranty claims can be submitted by the purchaser or from the end customer. All claims must be submitted on “Future Doors Warranty Claim Form” available for download or requested via email: orders-quotes@futuredoors.ca or fax: (506) 576-9772. All information must be completed as well as all supporting documents and photos (if required) must be attached. Any claim that is incomplete will be returned and will not be processed until all information and documentation has been received.

Future Doors reserves the right to request the defective material be returned for visual inspection.


The guarantee offered by Future Doors is limited to the replacement and/or repair of the doors and does not include transportation, installation fees, service costs, re-finish of any kind.

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